The BASE Technologies 'Esprit de corps’ is at the very heart of all that governs us and sources of all our aspirations. It is the synthesis of four core values that are inseparable from our past, everyday actions and future plans.

Winning with Clients

  • To create synergy, realizing and designing the win where customers win; realizing and designing the win where everyone wins.
  • To be the partner of growth by understanding the aspirations of our clients and guiding them to reach the finish line and go the extra mile by ensuring the best technological support with the uncompromising standard of quality.

One Team, Due Respect

  • To aim for the maximum, challenge all limits and target to be the best by realizing our potential
  • To create conditions and environment in which each fit team player grows to realize his/her true potential, earns and delivers maximum

Committed to Deliver

  • To work hard and put one’s or team’s everything to deliver what has been committed earlier
  • To act compassionately and responsibly to uphold our pledge to keep promises

Unparalleled Integrity

  • To be ethical beyond doubt
  • To live by the constitution & law with respect