Lithium-Ion Battery


Lithium-ion battery for telecommunication is what we were waiting for a long time. As the days pass by, a sustainable solution of power is highly appreciated by most people. 

Thus, the telecom world is expanding every single day with more smart solutions like the lithium-ion battery. 

It has become a must to prevent network outages. So, that means a continuous flow of power. That is where the lithium-ion battery enters the game.

People are shifting from VRLA ( Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries to lithium-ion (Li-ion). The reason is the Li-ion battery’s high operational life which VRLA is unable to compete with.

The usage of lithium-ion batteries in various telecom applications is discussed in depth in this article. Both now and in the future, these will be applicable.

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Lithium-Ion or Lithium Battery- Let’s Not Confuse Them!

Most people, including the users of lithium-ion and lithium batteries, have no idea that these are quite different. 

Well, if you are one of them, we are sorry to burst your bubble. You see, lithium batteries consist of a single constructed cell. That means built for using one time only, not rechargeable.

When it comes to lithium-ion batteries, you can charge them from time to time. That basically states that you will have rechargeable batteries. 

Nevertheless, don’t take lithium batteries so uncounted. Even though lithium batteries are single-use only, they can last up to 10-12 years unused. 

On the other hand, lithium-ions can’t last more than 3 years. Nothing is ever truly flawless. 

However, considering the waste amount, lithium-ion batteries do stay on top of lithium batteries. 

But if we compare the energy storage density, lithium batteries win. Considering their size, they hold a lot more energy than lithium-ion batteries. Even though that is the only charge they will have. 

Lithium batteries are not the most ideal option for telecommunication devices or even in this sector. Lithium-ion is the one we are talking about when we learn about the needs that it will fulfil. 

How do Lithium-Ion Battery for Telecommunication Work?

From the beginning of telecommunication, humans had to waste litres and litres of diesel to keep the telecom towers running. 

As lithium-ion stepped in as an alternative power storage solution, it became a blessing for us. This was the solution to pollution and wastage. 

Telecommunication towers started using lithium-ion batteries. They last longer and you can charge them faster than most other power sources. Saved time, saved money and saved humanity from pollution.

Thus, we got the solution of disrupted power supply. The picture you see today could be quite different without li-ion batteries. 

We now have a proper network without any disruption and we can deliver data faster than ever. A reliable system to backup everything was our achievable dream. 

When the power’s on, the batteries continuously charge themselves. And when there’s disruption of electricity, the system keeps on running. Just like it was never there to start with. 

The battery that you see in your phone is also a li-ion battery. Now imagine how much we use them in our life. 

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Myths to Overcome 

If you’re no expert and unaware of the exact mechanisms, there’s a high chance that you have heard some information that we have down here. 

Don’t worry, it’s not a crime to believe in myths. However, it’s better if you actually know if those are true or not. 

So, let’s start with the most common one

Myth 01 of 05: Safety

Lithium-Ion batteries can catch on fire and not safe at all

Well, this myth goes for most batteries. People believe that all the batteries can pop up anytime. We aren’t saying that it’s completely untrue. If you play with fire, of course, you will be burned. 

But generally, most industry lithium-ion batteries are built with keeping safety issues in mind. So, worrying less about your battery popping up should be your concern. 

Myth 02 of 05: Price

Lithium-Ion batteries have sky-high price than other batteries

Well, if we talk about the price of 5 years ago, that would have been true. However, because of the high availability, now the batteries are quite affordable. 

You will be getting premium-quality backup from the most affordable lithium-ion batteries. 

Myth 03 of 05: Compatibility

“Lithium-Ion doesn’t go with all system controllers

While the production of the batteries, industries ensure that they are compatible with all available power systems. There’s a high chance that you will be able to get it charged with the available options. 

Myth 04 of 05: Form and the Fit 

Lithium-Ion will definitely need new racking and cables

Few companies do offer you to swap your comparable lead battery for li-ion batteries. You will be able to keep the storage container that you own right now. 

Your previous owned cables won’t go to waste as you will be able to reuse them. The more compact size of the Li-ion battery might even give you the advantage of a better fit. 

Myth 05 of 04: Temperature Sensitivity

Most quality lithium-ion batteries will give you good service in every situation, hot or cold. 

Industrially these batteries do have to go through a certain weather test to get QC passed. Generally, all the batteries have to go through that rough test. 

Hopefully, there won’t be an issue with your li-ion battery. However, keeping an open won’t do you any harm. 


​​Unlike many other electrochemical storage systems, the range of electrode materials for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is quite extensive. This makes them an excellent power supplier for telecommunications.

However, when using the lithium-ion battery for telecommunication, they must be handled with care. 

 They can be easily damaged or misused, causing harm to you or your equipment! All of the batteries have passed testing and certification, but you should still be cautious when using them.

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