Anti-Theft Rack

Theft can be described as an opportunistic crime, where your property is taken when a thief recognizes the chance. Although all acts of theft can’t be stopped completely, it is certainly possible to reduce the chances by taking preventative measures. It is crucial for telecom operators to implement strategies that prevent any damage from taking place. These incidents of vandalism tend to disrupt the network coverage for those areas and results in a terrible experience for the users.

Having an anti-theft rack can be one of the most effective methods to keep this malice at bay. In order to understand the importance of the Anti-theft rack, let us look into the valuables in a cell tower that makes them the prime target for thieves.

What is a cell tower and what are its threats?

Since the first generation of mobile networks, which was introduced in 1979, our approach in communications has been constantly evolving. This is made possible through the use of cell towers which provide the network needed for using mobile devices. It is a very common sight to see cell towers in the background whether it is in the cityscape or in the village side. However, cell towers do not work by themselves, they have a lot of intricate components that facilitate its operations.

Each of these cell sites consists of the tower itself, all its supporting equipment, mounted antennas, as well as all utilities. Every one of these components are essential for the tower to perform to the best of its ability. However, since most cell sites are usually found in remote locations- the smaller equipment that can be found at the site ends up becoming the target of theft. These crimes can be committed by contractors who have gone rogue or just regular thieves who happen to know its demand. In fact, it is relatively easy for individuals to use basic tools and break into these secluded cell towers. Once inside, they can effortlessly grab all the batteries- which are worth a lot of money.

How this can affect you

Cell tower vandalism doesn’t only affect the telecom companies but also the users that depend on its network for communications. Hampering with the cell tower causes disruptions in everyone’s daily lives since the majority of our work and education relies on communications from home. These incidents can result in a loss of network for people in that area for days. Losing a network during a crisis can be a nightmare scenario as it restricts you from reaching out to emergency services.

The solution

It can take a long time for operators to find out about the damages done to a cell site and the disruptions in the area may continue for days even after being fixed. This constant replacement and maintenance of batteries end up costing the operators a lot of money. So, in order to prevent theft and ultimately keep all networks running for the users, the most effective and cost-efficient solution is the Anti-theft Rack for batteries.

At BASE technologies we have come up with the most innovative and effective Anti-theft rack. We created this product after a great deal of research and development, to make sure no crooks can get through to the batteries. This Anti-theft battery rack consists of three layers of anti-theft protection with both vertical and horizontal bar protection along with additional keyless features which adds extra safety and user friendliness.

September 6, 2021

The Anti-Theft Rack’s Usefulness

Theft can be described as an opportunistic crime, where your property is taken when a thief recognizes the chance. Although all acts of theft can’t be […]