IT & TELECOMMUNICATION

BUET WiFi Solution
With changing trend in technology, BUET intends to adapt itself to the new ways in order to implement Wi-Fi solution at all of the residential Halls of BUET. BASE Technologies being a leading solution provider will provide solution based upon Aruba. BASE Technologies successfully deployed state of the art Wi-Fi solution in BUET Residential Halls. It is considered as the most advanced & biggest deployed WiFi solution in the country. This solution will be maintained by BASE Technologies for 3 years initially & will be extended & updated based on mutual understanding with BUET Authorities

Providing Cisco WiFi solution to Grameenphone
BASE Technologies provided Cisco WiFi solution to all GP Customer Care centers nationwide. The solution is operational smoothly with no records of any technical problems till now.

Airtel Clock Oscilloquartz Synchronization 
BASE Technologies developed sync solution with its foreign expert solution partners for Airtel. The solution successfully deployed in MSC sites where the solution helped the Telecom operator to reduce the call drops significantly.

Banglalink Enterprise QoS Implementation
The demands on IT are more intense than ever. Business units are demanding more value. IT decision-makers are under increasing pressure to extract gains from transformational technologies. To ensure high quality of voice and video services applications banglalink engaged BASE Technologies to implement QoS. Which Included:
– Implement QoS to ensure high quality voice and video services at
Call Centers and Customer Care Center.
– Implement QoS to ensure improved application response and performance at
Call Centers and Customer Care Center.
The overall expectations of Banglalink from this New Data Center were:
– Increase quality in voice and video experience.
– Improved application performance experience.

Channel 9 Cisco Data Center 
Channel 9 intends to adapt itself to the new ways in order to improve the performance and optimize the available existing infrastructure which will be implementing the network. BASE Technologies being a leading solution provider has provided solution based upon Cisco. It involved the complete data center solution with Cisco.

Providing Network Admission Control (NAC) to Banglalink
BASE Technologies successfully supplied and installed the Network Admission Control (NAC) system at Banglalink Digital Communications Limited. Our scope of work was to
– Restrict unauthorized and illegal access through authentication
– Non-compliant and infected end station detection and remediation
– Stream line user accesses through role base profile and policy enforcement
– Monitoring, auditing and reporting user accesses

BASE Technologies already integrated into Bangladesh Defense Industry. It has supplied an advanced OTDR “Optical Time Domain Reflector” device, BASE experts also trained Airforce officers to use the device & maintain it.

BRAC IT Security 
BASE Technologies has experience in deploying & implementing multiple advanced Cisco Firewall solutions. One of the projects were implemented in BRAC.

ITCL Data Center 
BASE Technologies implemented a Cisco solution for ITCL network infrastructure, which supports Banking transactions for multiple National & Private banks.

Grameenphone Spectrum Analyzer 
In compliance with BTRC guidelines, telecom operators are instructed to measure radio frequency generated by Microwave antennas.  BASE Technologies came in to fulfill Telecom operators requirement, and brought “Spectrum Analyzer” a device that serves their purpose.

Banglalink Oscilloquartz Clock Synchronization
BASE Technologies developed sync solution for Banglalink . The solution successfully deployed in MSC sites. The solution helped the Telecom operator to reduce the call drops significantly.

Digital Land Management System (DLMS) 
This project involves working in each  upazela of 64 districts of country. This project involves establishing Data Center & customer service centers at every DC office & Upazela AC Land office. Under this project all land documents will be scanned & Land Ministry work will be digitalized & automated. BASE Technologies already started working in the project. It is a Land mark government project that will be implemented by BASE Technologies by partnering with ILFS Technologies (India).

Banglalink Bandwith Management & Web Cashing – ALLOT:
The bandwidth management system and caching solution will be deployed with centralized management console.
Banglalink has redundant connectivity with both the IIGs individually at the Internet Gateways. Being one of the largest telecom providers, Banglalink wish to enhance its subscriber internet experience using enterprise caching solution. BASE Technologies successfully completed this project with ALLOT bandwidth solution.

Summit Oscilloquartz Clock Synchronization 
BASE Technologies developed sync solution for Summit. The solution successfully deployed in Summit POP sites. The solution helped Summit NTTN operator to reduce the data packet losses significantly.

Banglalink Network Health Check
Banglalink intended to adapt itself to the new ways in order to improve the performance and optimize the available existing infrastructure at the facilities and also to have a clear roadmap of the new products and technologies available in the market and how it can help Banglalink to improve its infrastructure. BASE Technologies with Dimension Data, based on extensive experiences, has developed significant portfolio of proprietary structured assessments and deployment methodologies which can be
leveraged to improve the quality, speed, and clarity of our consulting and professional services engagements.

Paradise ICX Billing Solution – Terminus
BASE Technologies developed the billing solution with Terminus; which can accommodate in many business models. The deployed solution manages, charges and bills carrier sending traffic to customer switch. System will also calculate the termination cost paid by customer to its interconnecting partners.

Banglalink – BLUECOAT Packet Shaper 
BASE Technologies completed this project through BLUECOAT Packet Shaper solution that gives content-aware control of today’s web-integrated WAN, assure quality for VoIP and videoconferencing,  & contain recreational traffic to any level one specifies. PacketShaper’s unique integration of application and web content intelligence gives one the x-ray vision needed to monitor today’s network traffic, and enforces rules with priority, partition and rate control technologies



Rectifier solution for TeleTalk 
The company worked in finalizing the solution; it procured, supplied, installed & commissioned 93 Eltek Swedish origin Rectifier to state owned TeleTalk Telecom Operator. Significant sites were in remote areas like Chittagong Hill Tracts & Sundarban.

Battery supply for E.CO 
BASE Technologies supplied VRLA GEL batteries. These batteries are being widely used in the Telco industry both locally & internationally. We have supplied thousands of GEL battery banks to Robi’s Infrastructure partner E.CO. BASE Technologies is constructing a manufacturing plant. Once it opens, it will lower procurement cost & speed up the customer support.

Rectifier solution for E.CO
BASE Technologies supplied & installed more than hundreds of highly efficient rectifiers with advanced monitoring & controlling feature. BASE installed rectifiers in hundreds of BTS towers of E.CO. BASE Technologies has experts to install & commission large number of rectifiers in remote sites within a short timeline.

Providing BTS Shelter to E.CO
BASE Technologies has pre-fabricated & easily assemble able BTS Shelters. It supplied & installed hundreds of BTS shelters countrywide to E.CO. BASE Technologies has expert dedicated team for installing BTS shelters maintaining high quality installation in a very short deadline.

IVS solution for E.CO 
BASE Technologies also have experience in installing Intelligent Ventilation System for BTS room in Bangladesh telecom industry. BASE Technologies already installed such advance system in many sites of E.CO countrywide.

BEPZA Solar Street Light 
BASE Technologies installed around 1000 Solar Street Poles in BEPZA, Chittagong. This project involves installing of solar panels with lights & street poles. BASE Technologies has technical experts to develop solar based power solutions & it has also an experienced deployment team to implement solar projects.