BASE Technologies is committed in playing a significant role in the arena of renewable energy by spearheading the green revolution in different economies. Our capability spectrum covers the entire gamut of offerings for solar power which includes the development of economically viable and technically superior EPC solutions with core competencies that encompass the key elements in the solar value chain covering concentrated solar power and solar photovoltaic technologies (grid-connected, roof-top, mini & micro-grid and irrigation).
With the involvement of right people, we have gained expertise in different solar technologies to design and execute solar power plants including financing assistance for solar projects of different capacities.

Solar Energy
With the cost of electricity going high and an increase of power crisis, we are promoting renewable energy; solar power system.
Our system offers, solar power of various range to multiple verticals such as residential, industrial, government and defense. Let it be a small system to run low consumption AC loads of residential building or automatic street lamps for an entire city or a mid to large scale solar power plant for the government or helping poor farmers with irrigation, we have it all.
Partnered with some of the leading OEMs in this industry, we promote uninterrupted and high-efficiency green energy sustaining the environment and reducing operating cost of our customers.

Small Wind
Small wind is defined as wind turbines with a capacity rating of less than or equal to 100 kW. Turbines in this category range in size from smaller than 1 kW for off-grid applications to 100-kW turbines that can provide power for applications including homes, schools, commercial and industrial facilities, telecommunications, farms and ranches, and communities. It brings advantages encompassing the overall objectives of the green revolution, lower electricity bills by 50%–90%, help you avoid the high costs of having utility power lines extended to a remote location and help uninterruptible power supplies ride through extended utility outages.
Partnered with some of the world’s leading OEMs, we offer both on grid and off grid solutions. The system generates on-site power and draws extra power from utility if needed. Any excess energy produced can be exported to the utility.
BASE Technologies have the expertise team to install and commission small winds at remote area locations countrywide.

Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell is a relatively new concept for the overall industry and gaining popularity in Telecom industries but yet to be very successful in green energy and minimizing long-term OPEX. Using just two key components; Hydrogen and water, this solution can be deployed to the remotest sites and ensure a positive TCO vs. competing solutions such as DG, Battery banks and other sources of power.
The generation of hydrogen on site greatly reduces regular transportation cost of hydrogen. Our modular system allows power generation as per site requirements and to scale the solution.