Low Loss is another phrase of use less and BASE Technologies is putting enormous effort in putting and integrating solutions that is related to efficient energy storage and conversion. We are building our own fabrication facilities to facilitate our objectives by fabricating, assembling and integrating products and solutions that saves energy or use less energy. Our portfolio includes but not limited to solutions of:

VRLA Battery
Efficient battery monitoring and controlled charging is key to stable operation. So, we endow with, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) in the form of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery and GEL battery. Our AGM battery has a low internal resistance, low self-charge rate, enabling faster recharge and longer shelf life. Our AGM battery is ideal for use in applications where recharge improved vibration resistance is required.
VRLA GEL batteries are being widely used in the Telco industry both locally and internationally. Key features of our VRLA GEL batteries are reduced evaporation, greater resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration.

Li Ion Battery
Lithium Ion or Li-ion is one of the latest energy storage system or Battery with applications in a wide range of industries. These batteries unlike VRLA or Valve Regulated Lead Acid are capable of fast charging, deep cycle and much more temperature independent unlike VRLAs.
The ability to fast charge at a maximum rate of 100% to 200% capacity of the battery means, these types of batteries are the best possible solution for power requirement where power supply is scarce and requires longer backup with fastest charging. BASE Technologies has successfully supplied & installed Li-ion batteries to one of the leading telecom and Infrastructure Company of Malaysia.With successful establishment in the telecom, we are now expanding the use of Li-ion in other industries like, Power Sector, Broadcasting, Remote Weather Stations and Electric Vehicle.

The combination of cost-effective design, high power density and reliability makes our rectifier truly stands out and provides unparalleled network availability. Also, advanced energy saving functionality, extended operating temperature range and high reliability protection against loss of Neutral and AC overvoltage. Rectifiers can be used in various verticals like wireless, fiber and fixed line communication, broadband and network access. We will offer fabrication unit that will be providing fast customer support, spare support and much lower competitive price.

DC and AC Generators
BASE Technologies provides solutions for both gas and diesel generators within the range of 10 kVA to over 10 MVA. These generators are designed with superior quality, unsurpassed reliability and greater durability that allow for their ease of serviceability, reparability; this unrivalled quality is coupled with our outstanding 365X24/7product support and service. BASE Technologies engineered with foreign partners for high efficiency, low life cycle costs and for products to meet most global emissions specifications. We also have the expertise of providing engineering and after-sales-support for such mixed fuel applications and conversion for electricity generation.

Along with AC and DC power generation, BASE Technologies also offers industry leading inverters for both grid tied and off grid AC appliances. Partnered with leading OEMs, our inverters come in a range of capacity and phase. Powering remote telecom sites or residence to commercial building to scale solar power plants from kW to MW range, we cover it all. Offering dual Maximum Power Point trackers and efficiency of greater than 98%, our inverters meet fast ROI and stable uninterrupted power for your crucial energy requirement.

Charge Controllers
One of the key components in a solar power system is the charge controller. It is responsible for limiting the rate of current that is pumped to or drawn from batteries to charge and discharge the battery. No matter how much your investment in a solar power system, without top of the line controllers, battery performance and lifespan is significantly reduced due to overvoltage or deep discharging. Our high capacity controllers allow large PV arrays to be easily connected rather than multiple smaller charge controllers which increases wiring, conduit, combiner box and breakers and in turn increases efficiency and reduces loss.

Data Visualization of Energy
Many a times we consume energy without realizing the fact that a portion of it is unutilized. In this scenario, we offer a smart data visualization application for any smart hand held devices. This allows you to visualize the energy being consumed in your premises. This visualization allows you to graphically observe and realize the energy that is not utilized. We offer either standard or custom solution specially designed for your premises be it a home, office or factory and enable you to observe and reduce energy usage.