BASE Technologies has the ability and experience to design and deploy different unrivaled Site Solutions for different industries starting from Telecom, Power, Railway, Oil & Gas and heavy industries. Our portfolio encompasses the end-to-end solutions that the industry needs and we bring our own Engineering, Fabrication and Integration ability to the market to bring unparalleled value to our customers and partners.

Outdoor Solutions
Power System Cabinets
Available in different configurations, these cabinets are usually designed to protect equipment from external threats in all climates from the tropics to the arctic. It provides a total housing for battery, rectifier, sub rack system and other MW equipment’s having an efficient cooling system from heating to keep the temperature at a desired level. Designs are usually customized in several sizes based on customer’s requirement to ensure the right dimensions for all telecom equipment. A total revenue bucket of a Telecom access part (BTS) can be housed inside the cabinets.

Battery Cabinet
This cabinet is developed to accommodate large banks of 2V or 12V battery. The walls are usually made up of sandwich panels with IP55 protection and special security lock to prevent theft. The cabinet itself contains intelligent DC cooling fans or DC Air Con or Heat Exchange based on custom requirement, which brings good cooling performance from heating inside. The cabinet structure is made in a way which can easily be assembled at sites where transportation is difficult and can be easily dismantled for site relocation. BASE Technologies have the expertise to provide solution and design according to customer’s requirement.

Equipment Cabinet
This is specially designed where the user can keep their own equipment either on a standard 19” rack or customized rack size. Especially designed where there is lack of space and site acquisition is difficult for mounting the equipment. Benefits are fast deployment with small footprint and easy site acquisition. In order to keep the temperature at a moderate level heat exchangers are fitted for efficient cooling. The complete solution can be customized based on customer’s product dimension and cooling requirement. These cabinets are also made of sandwich panel for better thermal protection and can be easily assembled or dismantled.

An intelligent ventilation system is a microcontroller based DC fan integrated solution designed to remove heat generated in the BTS room or shelter by importing outside cooler air and exhausting inside warmer air based on various logic and parameters. The main advantage of an IVS system is that it increases the lifetime of an air condition by reducing the AC run hour with reduction in monthly electricity cost. Based on the set temperature and temperature difference it automatically switches between an AC & fan and increases AC lifetime and reduces runtime.

Availability in different kinds of structure, we provide solutions for monopole, three legged and four legged towers in the form of angular or tubular tower based on customer requirement. These towers are usually designed for both telecom transmission and power distribution lines through transmission tower.

Camouflaged Towers
These towers are specially designed for base stations in such a way that camouflage the high-frequency radiation antennas from being visible by proving a shrouding.  Shrouded by RFP (Fiber Reinforced Panel), a radio electric transparent material allows smooth transmission of signals without any disruption. This panel can also be pasted with advertisement prints. Our solutions include tree type solution in the form of date palm tree, Austrian pine tree, advertisement tower, clock type solution, and landscape and rooftop solutions to many more. This increases the beautification of surrounding areas as well as deploy telecom tower.

Cooling Solutions
DC Air-Con
DC Air-conditioning is a typical air condition that uses DC power instead of AC power. It is more suited for equipment that runs on DC power and where only DC power is available. Applications in telecom such as BTS room, shelter, power cabinet, battery cabinet and equipment cabinet is suitable as well for passenger trains, locomotives, electric buses etc. Available in 12, 24, 48, 74 and 110V DC, these systems are robust, reliable with high output and low power consumption is the equipment of choice.

Precision Air Conditioning
Precision air conditioning is designed for a wide range of applications where close control, high precision air conditioning is essential, including data center cooling, medium and low density server environments, telecom switching stations, medical operating theatres and clean room environments. Available from low to high cooling capacity, BASE Technologies offers some of the world’s leading PACs suitable for multiple verticals.

Heat Exchanger
Heat exchanger is another efficient and low power consumption cooling solution for telecom cabinets and enclosures. The closed loop, passive cooling systems are perfectly fit for maintaining an internal temperature. These exchangers are designed to be filter-less, resulting in environmentally friendly, low maintenance, low-cost cooling solutions. Improved performance, low power consumption and reduced noise emissions make our products a very good choice for small heat loads in cabinets placed both indoors and outdoors.

Smart Solutions
Cell on Wheel
This is referred to as CoW, which is being used to provide emergency expanded cellular network coverage or capacity for short-term demands, such as at special or major events or in disaster areas. It consists of a trailer, shelter for housing the equipment, diesel generator and tower which can be tilted and raised in an electro mechanical motor based. Once the CoW has been installed at any site the tower is raised to its maximum distance at top, which acts as like a normal base station tower installed on the rooftop or on green field.

Battery GPS Tracker
We often face the problem of battery getting stolen from base stations from remote sites. This is possibly done by hand exchanging of keys on break down of padlocks. So in order to prevent theft in remote or hilly areas we offer GPS tracker solution to find its exact location and people involved in this kind of activities. The minute a battery is removed or misplaced, an alarm is sent to the Network Operation Center and can be tracked using GPS.

Remote Monitoring
Since progressive expansion in telecommunication network and various types of other remote installations have increased every now and then so pressure also equally mounted on to the maintenance staff to keep their systems up, running and updated all the time to reduce constant fault. Hence, we provide a key solution to issues like this in figuring out how to retrieve multiple sites logs and real time events updates to ensure seamless operation without commuting hundreds of kilometers per day. Some key parameters or equipment that is monitored are DG performance, fuel tank level to monitor fuel theft, battery performance, cooling system performance etc. This allows preventive maintenance beforehand rather than the equipment being braking down and replacing at a higher cost not to mention the time and investment saving for maintenance team.