Telecom & IT Infrastructure


Our expertise of crafting effective and efficent solutions spread over diverse
industries. Successfull projects have earned us the trust of industry leading
companies who are now our valued clients.

Back Up Power System
We are experienced in supplying, installing, testing and commissioning of batteries both globally and locally. Partnered with Telenor and Edotco, we supply batteries to over 6 countries of the world for the telecom and industrial sectors.


  • Angular Tower
  • Camouflage Tower
  • Monopole Tower

Digitization & Automation

Companies must re-engineer business processes and this digitalization needs to start with IT itself. Customers are increasingly demanding enhanced digital access to their records, as well as instantaneous access to the services they are purchasing. This increases the pressure on businesses and leaves them vulnerable to disruption. Here at BASE Technologies, we possess the expertise to support the emergence of digitization and automation of your existing processes. We can assist operations by optimizing the number of steps required, reduce the number of documents, develop automated decision making, and deal with regulatory and fraud issues. We can enhance these new processes, through developing efficient and effective operating models, organizational structures, and data models to enable better decision-making, performance tracking, and the ability to capture customer insights. Not only does this provide a better customer experience, it also enables companies to reduce cost.

Infrastructure Services

Our Infrastructure Services are accelerating innovation to create more value for our clients. Collaborating with strategic partners, utilizing deep industry vertical expertise and delivering on a global scale, our Project Services can help you increase competitive advantage by supporting the delivery of infrastructure projects to scope, budget and schedule. Our technology partners can transform your IT infrastructure capacity delivering increased ROI and performance. Our Infrastructure Service Management capabilities provide you with globally consistent, flexible, business aligned and integrated service management solutions.

Network & Cyber Security

As you move into the 3rd Platform and leverage Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Social Media and the Internet of Things, you need to trust someone to secure your operations. Our deep industry knowledge, our large team of security specialists, and our end-to-end solutions for traditional and next-generation technologies enable you to securely adapt as your business and risks change. We formulate effective security strategies, including organization, governance, metrics, process and technology deployment, and comply with legal and regulatory mandates. We combine world-class, licensed experts with proven methodologies and sophisticated technology.