Beyond Boundaries


Since the start of 2016 we have expanded into 6 Asian markets (Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand*) and have the opportunity to expand into 6 more European market (Norway, Denmark, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro) under existing frame agreement with global telecom giants. These untapped emerging markets have huge potential for us where we can grow ourselves in multifold using our existing business model.

We had initially established the global market operations based on just one or two key offerings due to financial limitations. Offering our full product portfolio in each of these emerging markets can give us significant vertical expansion in the same markets under the same customer portfolio.

We have already proven our ability by winning long-term contracts with global clients (Telenor & Edotco) of highly selective nature and rigorous compliance framework competing with global companies. Signing up with few more key global clients like these can give us exponential business exposure in other markets as well where the possibilities are limitless.