Integrated Industries

Telecom Operators

Telecom operators are highly depended on power back up solutions to provide uninterrupted service to their users. BASE Technologies is powering up Telecom Operators around the globe with the state of the art Power Backup Solution. Our high end power back up solution includes high quality Lithium Ion Batteries & VRLA Batteries to keep everyone connected at all times!

ISP, CSP & Telecom IT

The constant stream of latest communication technologies in forums such as high-speed internet, cloud, social networking, and smart phones have changed the way we share and absorb information. Our expertise in providing high end optical fiber cables, network technologies and IT transformation will help you realize significant operational efficiencies and discover new sources of revenue.

Financial Organizations

In a dynamic and highly competitive market, banks need every advantage to differentiate and highlight their USPs. Therefore, in order to instill loyalty and drive profitability, banks need to offer an interactive banking environment. To achieve this, they need to fortify business agility by anticipating customer needs and offer an engaging user experience which induces customer delight.
We provide:

- Smart banking solutions
- Design and deploy sophisticated network infrastructure
- Increase operational efficiency
- Reduce risk and total cost of ownership

Government & Defense

We support A & D organizations ranging from Tier 1&2 suppliers, defense forces, airlines and airports by enabling IT systems, process outsourcing, secure and optimized infrastructure and leveraging our partner’s practitioner experience to deliver transformational programs. We have developed, implemented, integrated and maintained solutions for the A & D industry that help your business cope with technological advancements and changes in the economic environment. Our presence and delivery model along with strategic alliances across products and services provides you with the market competitiveness and agility to meet business demands.

Media & Transportation

Digital content is everywhere and with the proliferation of smart devices the consumer has increasing appetite for rich and personalized content that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. They are now looking to extend their control from content creation and delivery to the content consumption platform.
Our portfolio of services spans the entire digital content value chain. They include:  

- Business process improvement solutions
- Content platform solutions
- Technology infrastructure solutions

Power Generation & Distribution

Business and operational complexities in the energy industry seem to be increasing due to peak oil prices, global warming, aging workforce. Clean technology has provided headway for solutions to address concerns about safety, environment & regulatory compliance.
We strive to:

- Reduce CO2 levels, enabling sustainable industrial practices
- Utilize technological innovation to optimize resources and costs
- Employ industry-leading expertise to assess, design, plan and deploy process and technology improvements
- Apply superior project management modalities to ensure cost and time efficiency

Public Sector

A Government is more impactful when it is facilitated with the right technological expertise, skillset and solutions. We are a partner with the best of interests to help our government make optimal utilization of its investments and resources.

- Help government lead the transformation to clean energy and reduce energy crisis
- Assessment and guidance for e-Governance projects with clear value propositions and ROI
- Creation of standardized information and data strategies through uniform structures for simplified management
- Project management which address administrative, legal, compliance, environmental, privacy and security issues

Engineering & Construction

The Engineering & Construction (E&C) industry is a volatile sector. Growing project complexities, fragmented business and processes, changing regulatory environment, risky nature of project execution, constant upgrades in technology and shortage of skilled workforce have resulted in severe margin pressures and business unpredictability. BASE Technologies helps in:

- Bringing planning and design excellence and high-end EPC ability
- Implementation of next-gen technological solutions such as analytics, mobility, collaboration, IOT for improved productivity
- Creation of standardized information and data strategies through uniform structures for simplified management
- Joint value propositions and broadening services through operational systems integration and infrastructure development