Telecom & IT Infrastructure

Our excellence help companies build and deploy innovative solutions which enable them to harness and leverage the technological evolution to their advantage. A composite of engineering excellence, strong project management expertise and dexterity to align with client’s business needs enable us to design a win-win long-term relationship with our clients and partners alike. We, at BASE Technologies, serve as a partner to businesses in their transformational journey by identifying growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets. Our solution team is able to architect technology solutions covering Systems, Networking & Security, Time Synchronization, Carrier Transmission, Passive Structures, Surveillance Systems, Unified Communication and much more. We also work on designing unique customized solutions, which facilitates business operations seamlessly. Our team is highly agile and responsive to newer and innovative technologies. We are adequately equipped to offer solutions to our valued clients as their dependable and trusted Systems Integrator of choice. The interconnected universe of objects, appliances and devices which are on the verge of making headway over the next few years are anticipated to be in trillions. This brings the platform ‘internet of things’ into reality. Rapid pace of technological progress and all-pervasive innovations are distorting market boundaries. This has compelled telecom players to re-define their business strategy and ecosystem. We evolve and adapt with its pace ahead of time to give others the digital pull to level the inevitable divide. We ensure the best use of IT infrastructure to keep our clients at par with the immensely dynamic digital revolution.

Customized Solutions

Cloud Solutions & Services

You will rarely come across an IT professional who has not thought: “There’s so much more I could do if only I had more budget. Modernize infrastructure, onboard new users faster, scale capabilities to meet new business demands and deploy transformative applications. If only I had the money.” For most IT organizations, getting extra budget simply isn’t an option. At BASE Technologies we optimize your IT needs without breaking your bank account . In fact, more IT professionals are working cohesively with us to achieve enterprise cloud computing. It is the foundation upon which their initiatives are built and executed— even for successful, fast-growing organizations. Our cloud computing solutions are well established as an important part of the IT leader’s toolkit, and for many organizations it has become the deployment and management platform of choice for a wide spectrum of projects and applications.

- Reduced cost
- Increased storage and scalability
- Increased availability and accessibility
- Increased agility & Flexibility

Application Services

With advances in cloud, mobility and other enabling technologies, applications hold more potential than ever to digitally re-master businesses for the future. Bridge your core business to these innovations by renovating older applications and implementing new applications. With our Application Integration Services, you can expect a reduction in cost of ownership while increasing ROI and business value. Our Application Management Services deliver management and maintenance for all application platform Technologies provides industry, business process and technical delivery expertise to deliver value and innovation for your enterprise application portfolio.

Digitization & Automation

Companies must re-engineer business processes and this digitalization needs to start with IT itself. Customers are increasingly demanding enhanced digital access to their records, as well as instantaneous access to the services they are purchasing. This increases the pressure on businesses and leaves them vulnerable to disruption. Here at BASE Technologies, we possess the expertise to support the emergence of digitization and automation of your existing processes. We can assist operations by optimizing the number of steps required, reduce the number of documents, develop automated decision making, and deal with regulatory and fraud issues. We can enhance these new processes, through developing efficient and effective operating models, organizational structures, and data models to enable better decision-making, performance tracking, and the ability to capture customer insights. Not only does this provide a better customer experience, it also enables companies to reduce cost.

Infrastructure Services

Our Infrastructure Services are accelerating innovation to create more value for our clients. Collaborating with strategic partners, utilizing deep industry vertical expertise and delivering on a global scale, our Project Services can help you increase competitive advantage by supporting the delivery of infrastructure projects to scope, budget and schedule. Our technology partners can transform your IT infrastructure capacity delivering increased ROI and performance. Our Infrastructure Service Management capabilities provide you with globally consistent, flexible, business aligned and integrated service management solutions.

Network & Cyber Security

As you move into the 3rd Platform and leverage Big Data & Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Social Media and the Internet of Things, you need to trust someone to secure your operations. Our deep industry knowledge, our large team of security specialists, and our end-to-end solutions for traditional and next-generation technologies enable you to securely adapt as your business and risks change. We formulate effective security strategies, including organization, governance, metrics, process and technology deployment, and comply with legal and regulatory mandates. We combine world-class, licensed experts with proven methodologies and sophisticated technology.