Civil Infrastructure

BASE Technologies has the ability and experience to design and deploy site solutions for different industries starting from Telecom, Power, Railway, Oil & Gas and heavy industries. Our portfolio encompasses the end-to-end solutions that the industry needs and we bring our own Engineering, Fabrication and Integration ability to the market to bring unparalleled value to our customers and partners. We fulfill this responsibility using state-of-the-art outdoor solutions, cooling solutions and smart solutions. Our outdoor tower specific solutions are comprised of power system cabinets, battery cabinet, equipment cabinet, IVS and camouflaged towers. Correspondingly, we provide DC Air-Con, Precision Air Conditioning and Heat Exchanger in cooling solutions. Lastly, our smart solutions cover Cell on Wheel, Battery GPS Tracker and Remote Monitoring.

Customized Solutions

Telecom Infrastructure

(Tower, BTS room, Switch building& Civil works)
Our aim is to provide a 360 degrees solutions when it comes to Tower Installation including all BTS Solutions.

Transmission Infrastructure

(Tower, Substation Civil Works)
Substations require intricate design and we hold the expertise to provide just that. A complete solution starting from Power Generation to distribution, we cover them all.

High Rise Building

In the modern world, just construction of a building is not enough. Following the international Codes relevant to high rise structures, we have the capability of erecting taking into account critical factors otherwise compromised.

RCC and Steel Bridge

RCC and Steel bridge designs are beyond traditional practices. We have the expertise to design and construct these exclusive structures as well.

Prefabricated Steel Building

and Factory Shed Depending on the purpose, we have the expertise to optimize pre-fabricated steel buildings.

Architectural Design

With a pool of leading architects we possess the expertise to create sophisticated and modern architectural designs to best fit the requirements.

Construction Project Management

With a series of on-time delivery streak, we have earned the faith and trust of our valued clients