Success DNA

Core Strength

These are 3 major components that differentiate us in the market and enable us to achieve amazing things.


Our strength is our people. They are the BASE citizens and the catalyst which drives the organiztion forward with great ownership. With a combined experience of each individual contributing to our success at every level, our aim is to do things differently and operate as a 5 year old company with a 15+ years of experience. Our investment in maintaining and growing a talented pool of professionals from across various industries allows us to gain a competitive advantage over other players and ultimately ensure that we are capable of designing dependable solutions both locally and globally. Our team has been the biggest strength and asset in our journey so far.

The diversified group of people with: i) Industry Expertise ii) Technical Expertise iii) Delivery Expertise has been one of the most significant catalyst behind our unparallal growth.


While our people possess the diverse skill set to command a broad horizon of solutions, the bility to dive deep into the problem is aided by our outstanding synergy with world class partners. In order to craft state-of-the-art solutions, we are associated with 150+ world leading technology and solution based partners, maintaining the in-house technical skill sets to harness their innovations and apply it in optimized volume to align with market needs. A dedicated partner management team is constructively upholding the partnership spirit to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

In addition, to cater to the need of the on-site roll outs and support, we synergize with forward integrated partners by bringing the core expertise in the mix and training & developing them to deliver their best. Due to our ability to integrate partnership strengths into our project management and ddelivery, we are equipped to effortlessly execute projects locally and globally.


The uniqueness of our business is in the extent of flexibility and adaptbility it offers which, to a large degree, is aided by our custom-crafted and lean business processes. These processes, which have grown in-house and matured by following global standards, have been our backbone in delivering extra-ordinary results.

We have earned 4 ISO Certifications (ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO 14001: Environmental Management System; ISO 18001: Occupational Hazard and Safety and ISO 27001: Information Security Management System), with a few more in the pipeline. The standard tht our business maintaiins along with these certifications enabled us to gain the trust of our clients on our amazing ability to design holistic solutions, to complete head on with the top competition in the market and to team-up with high-impact partners. We follow a simple rule of single point of contact (SPOC) based management where the delegation of authorities is well knitted and the major operational where the delegation of authorities is well-knitted and the major opertional building blocks are well-defined. This mechanism enables us to adapt to changes more rapidly than others and establish clear and proactive approach to address business challenges.