Power Infrastructure

We focus on energy initiatives and building high impact infrastructure projects. The team has years of experience in the fields of power back up solutions, telecommunication and infrastructure from leading organizations. We are capable of accomplishing large scale projects which includes designing & deploying a solution, upgrading a Telecom Power Backup infrastructure to an advanced level to collectively save energy and reach energy autonomy. Our team of experts have the expertise to design and deploy different unrivaled site solutions for various industries stretching from Telecom, Power, and Railway to Oil & Gas industries. We are an institution which strives to adapt and internalize sustainable business models for our valued clients and partners.



Reliable power backup solution is one of the key prerequisites for Telecom operators as well as other industries. Our state of art power backup solutions ensure high durability and positive TCO within shortest duration. Our widely ranged products and solutions are immensely capable to meet specific requirements which have already gained reliability towards the top MNOs around the world.


BASE Technologies is putting enormous effort in integrating solutions that is related to efficient energy storage and conversion. We are building our own fabrication facilities to facilitate our objectives by fabricating, assembling and integrating products and consumes less energy.


LiGRT Lithium Ion Battery

Our own brand LiGRT Lithium ion battery solution approved by international product certification agency, has already established its platform by proving reliable and consistent performance specially in Telecom sectors and other industries. Anti-theft options, Safety measure, high durability and user-friendly interface have made our product exceptional from conventional products. These batteries are best suited energy storage solution for Telecom sites for its ten times fast charging and six times longer life cycle than VRLA. Lithium ion can be operated under high temperature conditions with the option to use 100% of battery capacity. BASE Technologies has been supplying Lithium ion batteries for last several years to top Telecom operators in different countries including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Myanmar.

State-of-art technology for telecom backup power solution
LiFePO4 chemistry ensure highest safety at site
Positive TCO with shortest duration


  Model   LLFP-48100
Electrical Characteristics Nominal Voltage 48V
Nominal Capacity 100 Ah
Energy 4800 Wh
Internal Resistance <=100mΩ,(<=20mΩ without BMS)
Life Cycle ≥4000 @ 80% DOD, 35°C, 0.5C
Design Life  ≥15 years
Self Discharge (90 days)  <=3% @ 25°C
Efficiency of Charge  ≥98%
Efficiency of Discharge ≥100% @ 0.2C
≥96% @ 1C
Charging Parameters Charge Voltage 54.0V ±0.1V
Charge Mode 1C up to 54.0V, 0.02C after reaching 54V (CC/CV)
Charge Current 100A
Max. Charge Current 100A
Charge Cut-off Voltage 54V ±0.2V
Discharging Parameters Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 42.5V ±0.2V
Environmental Charge Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C (extra heating mechanism under 0°C)
Discharge Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C (reduced capacity under 0°C)
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 55°C @ 60% ±25% relative humidity
Water Dust Resistance IP21
Mechanical Method 15S
Case Iron (Insulation painting)
Dimensions (W*D*H) 442*410*178 (mm)
Weight 47 Kg
Gravimetric Specific energy 102 Wh/kg
Interface Protocol (optional) RS485/RS232
SOC Light 4*LED
Display Screen LCD


Easy battery monitoring including alarm track by built-in LCD display.
10 times longer life cycle than conventional VRLA battery.
19-inch rack design ensures space saving benefits at site.
40% lighter weight than VRLA battery makes hassle-free installation.
10 times faster Charging and discharging rate saves significant generator fuel.
Wide operating temperature range ensures easy site maintenance (-20°C ~ 60°C).
Hot and Humid climate proof BMS card with built-in heat dissipation method.
Protection against over Charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit with cell to cell charge balance function.

LiGRT VRLA Battery

Being 60 years old conventional technology, our own brand LiGRT VRLA battery solution is popular for its stable characteristics. Our VRLA battery banks (Both AGM and GEL) are serving as reliable power backup solutions to BTS and core sites in different telecom operators with low internal resistance, lower self-discharge rate, enabling faster recharge and longer shelf life. We have wide ranges of VRLA batteries in our product line including Cyclic, Standby, Deep Cycle, with cell capacity up to 3000Ah.


The combination of cost-effective design, high power density and efficiency over 96% makes our rectifier truly stands out and provides unparalleled network availability. Additional key features like advanced energy saving functionality, extended operating temperature range and high reliability protection against loss of Neutral and AC overvoltage are included in our system. serious with cell capacity up to 3000Ah.

Battery Cabinet

This cabinet is developed to accommodate large banks of VRLA and Li ion battery with built in intelligent DC cooling fans or DC Air Con or Heat Exchange based on customer requirement. The cabinet structure itself is prepared in a way which can easily be assembled at sites where transportation or lifting at roof top sites is difficult and can be easily dismantled for site relocation.

Anti Theft Rack

We, BASE Technologies is continuously performing R&D for preventing theft case of Battery and has come up with one of the most innovative anti-theft battery rack solutions consisting of three-layer anti-theft protection with vertical and horizontal bar protection with additional keyless feature for more safety and user friendliness.