Contribution of BASE’s technology in the Telco Industry

There is a company dedicated to making sure you always have a cellular network at all times- BASE Technologies. We are the trusted provider of backup power solutions for the telecom industry, all over the globe. This backup power is an integral part of every cell tower in Bangladesh, due to the endless power outages throughout the nation.  

Our advanced backup power solutions ensure the cell towers get the most reliable performance while saving more costs. In this post, we’ll talk about the contributions of BASE Technologies and the impact we’ve had on the telecom industry.

What is LiGRT and Why is it Important Anyway?

For most of us, wireless mobile devices have become the sole source of communication. Cell towers provide the network to make it possible for us to make calls and surf the internet without any disruptions. The cell towers are not stand-alone entities as they work with intricate equipment and components on the ground to provide communications.

These cell phone sites require electricity to operate and when one of these sites loses power even momentary, calls are dropped, and data flow is interrupted. This could prove detrimental to the network users as we are currently highly dependent on the use of wireless communications while working from home. If you lose connection to your network during a power outage, it probably means your network provider didn’t think to implement a backup plan. Or worse, the backup power batteries got stolen (yes it happens a lot).

How Does Base Technologies Contribute?

This is where BASE Technologies come in with backup power solutions to ensure the cell phone sites are always operating to keep your phones from turning into a brick in the case of a power outage. We also provide anti-theft products to make your local cell phone sites immune to malice.

Our product line consists of highly effective LiGRT Lithium-ion batteries, which are used by telecom operators in many different countries, which are known for their fast recharging and long shelf life. We even provide durable cabinets which are easy to assemble and transport and battery racks with 3 layers of anti-theft protection. Not only that but we also provide eloquent battery chargers and rectifiers which are all highly cost-effective providing outstanding results.

Since the journey began, BASE has successfully hit many significant milestones to showcase its progress. For example, the 2017 Global Frame Agreement was signed with Telenor Group to supply and install energy storage products in 11 different countries.

In 2016, a Master Frame agreement was signed with E.CO group to supply and install energy-storing products in 6 different countries around the world. Beyond that, we have been supplying our power backup solution to Axiata since 2014. We have also been providing energy storage products to Banglalink along with other telecom tools in core site all over Bangladesh.

All things considered; BASE Technologies has been able to have a very significant impact on the telecom industry as a result of supplying highly effective solutions to some of the major telecom providers. Completing over 102 projects in 2020 alone, BASE is set to achieve much more with the strength of our skilled team members, world-class partners and an adaptable process.