Success Stories

Since its incorporation BASE Technologies has traveled through the path of technological advancements. The accomplishments are significant. Our achievements which highlight how we are taking part in building a better world for future. With our crystal focus on renewable energy, we have designed some impactful solutions for the sector. Below are some of our achievements which have gained recognition for being effective and efficient in various domains.

Empowering Youth

The right to information is a human right, which has been globally correlated with the increase of accountability and responsibility of people, which is a benchmark trait for the youths of today. We understand the importance of access to information and its role in youth empowerment. Therefore, we ensured that only the best Hi Speed Wi-Fi connectivity is installed at BUET, one of the leading engineering universities in Bangladesh which is also recognized globally. Optical fiber, when used as the medium for information transfer, can carry more data at higher throughput over longer distances compared to copper wire. Hence, in order to take the power of information to its seeker, we have strengthened our Fiber Optics line to customize solutions as per requirement.

Revolutionizing Automation, Ensuring Safety

End –to – End Customer Solution is the future. Hence automation is the key to obtaining advantage. Big Data Analytics and the rise of digital entrepreneurs are eliminating the need for high street shops as more people are shopping online. Customized cyber security solutions are inevitable. We create synergies with our partner organizations to craft automation solutions to achieve operational efficiencies. Through developing customized automation and cyber security solutions for leading organizations, we have covered diverse industries in the domain of Servers, Networking, Fiber, Cloud & Physical Storage including Clock Sync, LAN and many more. At BASE Technologies Limited, we are spearheading the change into a more efficient and secure future.

Connecting People, Mobilizing Lives

More than 7.19 billion devices in use around the world ensure that even the most remote individual is connected to the modern era. This is where BASE Technologies Limited comes in. Global telecom giants have always played a critical role in keeping you connected. We power their endeavor with the usage of high grade VRLA batteries that keep the BTS Towers up and running so that connectivity is ensured. Staying at par with rapidly updating technology, we made industry changing efforts to ensure the introduction of Lithium-Ion Batteries to the world of telecom in Bangladesh. It charges 30% faster and is more environment friendly. edotco was the first to adopt this technology for their BTS tower which allowed them to achieve almost nil malfunctions. Our highly dependable quality of both VRLA and Lithium Ion Batteries have earned us the trust of Telecoms around the world. We currently provide solutions to more than 7 countries.

Reduced Emission, Transformed Future

Keeping Global Climate Change in mind, businesses are eagerly adopting more globally responsible strategies. Being an active member of the UN Global Compact, we have developed our Clean (Renewable) Energy Solutions to assist organizations to adopt a more sustainable approach towards business and at the same time significantly reduce their operating cost. We are the only organization to have implemented the largest standalone solar powered LED street light project of the nation till date at Chittagong Export Processing Zone. Our wide spectrum of Renewable Energy Solutions include: Fuel Cells, Solar Home System, Small Wind, Solar Mini Grid, Solar IPP/Power Plant and Waste to Energy. We have developed a strong Customizable Solar Powered Solution, especially in the domain of Solar Irrigation Projects (SIP) for a variety of irrigation terrains. As a CSR initiative, we have installed a 7.5 hp Solar Powered Irrigation Pump that waters 10 acres of agricultural land by harnessing the solar energy.