R&D Partnership with Enzinc


BASE Technologies is pleased to announce its partnership with Enzinc to develop an innovative power backup solution: a Nickel-Zinc Battery. BASE Technologies is the Research and Development partner of Enzinc and working closely with it to create a Nickel-Zinc battery solution that will have a positive contribution towards the global energy storage requirement.

Enzinc is developing advanced energy storage for e-mobility and grid applications. Its high-tech zinc metal microsponge anode offers performance like Li-ion at the cost of lead-acid, while being safer, more easily recyclable and less temperature sensitive. Its technology is transforming the $60B lead-acid industry with a drop-in replacement anode, so they can rapidly convert legacy manufacturing lines with minimal capex.

Enzinc is an ARPA-e awardee and we are teaming for its CalTestBed technology testing program one of three grants Enzinc has received from the California Energy Commission’s EPIC program.